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By:  Kate Lucente   |  Lori Marsh  |  Lea Lurquin

In its most recent efforts to enforce the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the Office of California Attorney General Rob Bonta has announced an investigative sweep of businesses offering financial incentives to California residents (“Consumers”) in exchange for the collection, use, or sale of their personal information.

The AG’s Office, in a press release issued on January 28, 2022 (Data Privacy Day), stated that it had sent violation notices to major businesses in the retail, home improvement, travel and food services industries, which will have 30 days from receipt of a notice to cure any alleged CCPA violations, such as the failure to provide Consumers with adequate disclosures regarding financial incentives.

Under the CCPA, financial incentives may include commonly offered incentive programs, such as loyalty, rewards, benefit or membership programs related to the collection or sale of personal information.
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